729R. Francis Fremantle to Harrod, 22 December 1937 [a]

Follows on from 726 R. Fremantle thanks Harrod for his letter of 21 December; he will gladly look through the draft of Harrod's letter. [1] Fremantle also asks if Harrod has any other amendments to the Bill to suggest: these have to be filed in on the following day.

  1. 1. Refers to the collective letter "The Population Bill. A Proposal for Its Amendment", printed in The Times on 21 January 1938 (Harrod 1938:2 , press item 19 ; see note 2 for context); the draft is filed in HP VI-99/1. Fremantle wrote again on 29 and 31 December (in HP VI-107 and HP VI-105, respectively), further discussing of possible amendments of the Population Bill and suggesting that Harrod should cultivate A. P. Herbert's support (see letter 720 R). The next extant letter of the exchange is dated 3 January 1938 and is reproduced as 732 R.
    1. a. From Bedwell Park, Hatfield, Herts. # , two pages ALS, in HP VI-96.

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