728R. F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Harrod, 17 December 1937 [a]

Pethick-Lawrence will not be able to attend Harrod's wedding. [1] He thinks that their divergences on the Population Bill are settled by the amendments proposed by Kingsley Wood, which meets nearly all the objections while leaving the substance of what statisticians really require. [2]

  1. 1. Harrod married Wilhelmine (Billa) Cresswell on 8 January 1938.

    2. See, for context, note 1 to press item 17 and note 1 to press item 18 . Pethick-Lawrence's speech in front of the House of Commons on 29 November 1937, opposing the Population (Statistics) Bill for empowering the registrar general "to elicit confidential and intimate information not urgently required for statistical purposes", is reproduced in the Official Reports, Fifth Series. Parliamentary Debates. Commons, vol. 329, pp. 1731-39.

    1. a. From 11, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, London # , two pages ALS, in HP VI-98, with envelope addressed to Campden Hill Square.

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