727R. J. A. Salter to Harrod, 10 December [1937] [a]

Under separate cover, Salter sends to Harrod a memo on the Population Bill, printed for limited circulation, explaining why he voted against the Bill. [1]

  1. 1. J. A. Salter, Statistics and the Public, privately printed, 6 December 1937; Harrod's copy is filed in HP VI-124/1. In the memo, Salter discusses Harrod's letter to The Times of December 3 (Harrod 1937:17 , press item 17 ; see, for context, note 1 to that item), pointing out that Harrod does not address the only relevant question: whether the additional questions, beyond those asked by population experts (the age of parents, the duration of marriage at the birth of each child, and the order of birth of each child), are really necessary.
    1. a. From All Souls College, Oxford # , one page ALS, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in HP VI-124/2.

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