725R. D. M. Foot to Harrod, 7 December 1937 [a]

Foot stresses that Harrod's letter in The Times [1] did not meet the points raised by the opposition to the Population Statistics Bill, which was concerned not with the collection of data, but with the statutory power of interrogation handed down not to officials, but to private persons. [2] For this reason the Liberals resisted the clauses in the Bill empowering the Minister of Health with such regulations. Foot, however, thought that this clause was going to be modified: economists would get their information, and Whitehall would be administered a salutary rebuke.

  1. 1. Harrod, "Figures of the Birth-Rate" ( 1937:17 ), press item 17 (see note 1 for context).

    2. The point was raised in Dingle Foot's speech on the Population Bill before the House of Commons on 29 November 1937 (Official Reports, Fifth Series. Parliamentary Debates. Commons, vol. 329, in particular p. 1781).

    1. a. From the House of Commons # , two pages TLS, in HP VI-100, with envelope addressed to Christ Church.

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