710. Harrod to F. A. Lindemann , 24 October 1937 [a]

Christ Church, Oxford #

24 October 1937

My dear Prof

I dont agree with 2 points in the enclosed. [1] I dont think he does justice to Keynes' book and I think he wishes to curb our political activities unduly severely, tho' one sympathizes with his point of view having regard to the London School of Economics.

Moreover there is nothing very original in the enclosed.

All the same, I should like you to read it through. I think you have an entirely wrong idea of him and this cannot but serve to correct it. And that it should be corrected I regard as important since in my judgement Beveridge is one of the best men now in this place. [2]



  1. 1. W. Beveridge, "The Place of the Social Sciences in Human Knowledge", Politica 2, September 1937, pp. 459-79. See also letter 708 , and in particular note 2 for references to the passages on Keynes and on social scientists' political activities.

    2. Beveridge was recently elected master of University College, Oxford, after having been for several years director of the London School of Economics.

    1. a. ALS, one page, in CHER K142/15.

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