709. Harrod to J. Marschak , 24 October 1937 [a]

[Follows on from 707 , continues at 712 R]

Christ Church, Oxford #

24 October 1937

Dear Marschak,

1. I entirely agree about journalism v. science and think the danger a serious one as regards Nuffield. It is rather difficult however to conduct a campaign on the basis that the other fellow's work is journalism.

2. I think DHR and JRH would be great acquisitions in Oxford. I did have the impression that this sort of quality is not so difficult for us to produce ourselves and what we are short of is people like yourself who are both theorists and also experienced in organizing empirical work. I also have the impression that the kind of work is more difficult, anyhow for us in Oxford, to get going. I think the present activities of the Institute [1] are a great tribute to you. I feel it would help us most (I mean so far as concerns bringing in outside people) to get hold of other people, even if only temporarily, I think e.g. of someone [b] like Tinbergen to supplement your efforts.

3. As it cannot be shown that DHR and JRH have the special qualities needed, not in economics as such, but in the new kind of work for which Nuffield is especially designed, I mean team work in all its forms, I think they would not be very good counters to use in pressing the needs of economists. But you must not suppose that I undervalue theory as such (it would be rather absurd if I did!) or the two men you mention in particular.


R. F. H.

  1. 1. The Oxford Institute of Statistics, of which Marschak was the director.
    1. a. ALI, two pages on one leaf, in JMP 1275, Box 147, folder H.

      b. Ms: «some one».

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