703R. Harrod to J. Marschak, 14 October 1937 [a]

Harrod agrees with Marschak that it will be opportune to talk about the Bodleian in the light of the Nuffield donation. He suggests that the economists should meet "fairly soon to get their ideas in order about Nuffield". [1] Harrod asks information about Michail A. Heilperin, who will visit him shortly. [2] Continues at 707 .

  1. 1. On 13 October, The Times reported of a benefaction by Lord Nuffield, providing a site and funds for a new college. See, for more details, letter 705 and Harrod, "Lord Nuffield's Foundation in Oxford" ( 1937:16 ).

    2. Heilperin desired to meet Harrod since 1933: see letter 314 R.

    1. a. From Christ Church # , two pages ACS, in JMP 1275, Box 147, folder H.

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