698R. Wilhelmine Cresswell to Harrod, 13 September 1937 [a]

"I am so glad Geneva was such a success, I hope that now you are pleased to be an economist, [1] and frightfully proud of being such a good one".

  1. 1. In the early years of his career Harrod frequently expressed his dissatisfaction as to the choice of his subject (see for instance letter 80 R and the passages from an autobiographical statement written late in Summer 1928 cited in note 1 to letter 135 and note 1 to letter 157 R); Billa's remark indicates that at this point Harrod was still regretting not to have chosen a political or philosophical career.
    1. a. From Bad-Ischl, Austria#, ALS, four pages, in HPBL Add. 72776/150-51.

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