695R. Harrod to Wilhelmine Cresswell, 9 September 1937 [a]

Follows on from 694 R, continues at 695 R. "I enjoy the committee beyond words. Strange to say it is by no means a futile affair, but very good indeed. The discussion runs on the highest possible level. The Dutchman who drafted the report is really a man of genius. [1] We are quite at the heart of the problem and all the people are pretty good." "We sit solemnly round a horseshoe table bent upon our work. Along one wall is a row of chairs on which spectators are allowed to sit and there were usually one or two. They--experts from other parts of the League--drift in to hear the fun, sit with an expression of rapt wonderment on their faces and then drift out after an hour or so. I should think there are literally only a dozen or two people in the world who could understand what we are talking about. We are protected from the vulgar mob--2000 people sight see the League building every day--by a large notice which reads Comité d'experts sur les cycles économiques. Séance privée."

  1. 1. League of Nations, "Interim Report on Statistical Business Cycle Research", drafted by J. Tinbergen (Economic Cycles/Stat./1/Part A).
    1. a. From Grand Hotel Bellevue, Genève # , ALS, four pages, in HPBL Add. 72776/137-38.

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