694R. Harrod to Wilhelmine Cresswell, 7 September 1937 [a]

"I have met some of the pundits. [1] So far as I can make out my committee is a small one predominantly English--3 English, 1 Dutchman, 1 Austrian and ? 1 Norwegian." [2] Continues at 695 R.

  1. 1. Harrod is reporting of the League of Nations meeting of a small number of experts on statistic test of business cycle theories: see letter 686 .

    2. Bowley, Harrod and Robertson, Tinbergen, and Haberler. Ragnar Frisch was invited, but did not attend, and was substituted by Oskar Anderson, of the Institute of Statistics of the University of Sofia.

    1. a. From Grand Hotel Bellevue, Genève#, ALS, three pages, in HPBL Add. 72776/133-34.

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