691R. Wilhelmine Cresswell to Harrod, 30 August 1937 [a]

"If your Nottingham address is not well reported in the London press but is in the local papers, get me copies of them". [1] Continues at 692 R.

  1. 1. Refers to Harrod's address on "Business Experience and Economists' Assumptions" before the British Association for the Advancement of Science (here reproduced as essay 18 ; see, for additional details, note 1 to the essay). Harrod's paper was not reported in The Times, which only mentioned Sargant Florence's presidential address and Beveridge's speech, nor by the local press (Nottingham Evening Post, Nottingham Guardian, Nottingham Journal and Nottingham Citizen).
    1. a. From 16, Great James Street, W.C.1.#, ALS, seven pages, in HPBL Add. 72776/113-116.

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