686. A. Loveday to Harrod , 15 July 1937 [a] , [1]

[Answered by 687 ]

League of Nations, 16 Northumberland Avenue, London #

15 July 1937

Dear Mr. Harrod,

As you are perhaps aware, the Secretariat of the League of Nations has been making some statistical investigations into problems of business cycle, this work being a continuation of that done by Professor Haberler. [2] An Interim Report has now been prepared on this work which will soon be sent to you. [3] I should be very glad if you were willing to attend a small informal meeting at which the Report will be discussed. [4] This meeting will be held in Geneva from the 8th to 10th September, [5] the dates just preceding the Annual Meeting of the Econometric Society at Annecy which, I am informed, you are attending. Subsistence allowance for these three days will be paid by the Secretariat at the rate of 60 Swiss francs per day.

Yours very truly

A. Loveday [b]

Director, Financial Section and

Economic Intelligence Service

R. F. Harrod Esq., Christ Church, Oxford.

  1. 1. Circular letter, also addressed to A. L. Bowley, D. H. Robertson, G. Haberler, R. Frisch, L. Duprez.

    2. G. Haberler, Prosperity and Depression (1937). Harrod was invited to comment on a preliminary draft of part I of that study in 1934: see letter 364 and the ensuing correspondence, and letters 608 and 611 . Harrod's review of Haberler's book was about to appear in International Affairs (Harrod 1938:1 ).

    3. League of Nations, "Interim Report on Statistical Business Cycle Research" [by J. Tinbergen] (Economic Cycles/Stat./1/Part A.). This Report (part I of a preliminary version of Tinbergen's Statistical Testing of Business Cycle Theories, eventually published in 1939) was not found among Harrod's papers. A list dated 30 July 1937 indicates that the Report was to be distributed to the following people: Oskar Anderson in Sofia, J. M. Clark, Léon Dupriez, Alvin Hansen, Oskar Morgenstern, Bertil Ohlin, Charles Rist, Lionel Robbins, D. H. Robertson, J. Tinbergen, W. Röpke, Harrod, Ragnar Frisch, H. Staehle in Geneva, M. Stigting in Hoogovens Ymuiden (Netherlands), Erik Lindahl, Jacob Marschak, C. F. Roos in Colorado Springs, and S. Kuznets (LoN 10B/26666/12653).

    4. Harrod described the meeting in letters 694 R, 695 R, 696 R and 697 R to Wilhelmine "Billa" Cresswell.

    5. A circular letter dated 20 August to Harrod and to the people listed in note 1 to this letter specified that the meeting was to begin at 10.30 in the Secretariat building. Harrod's copy of the letter was not found; a Cc of the letter sent to Bowley is in LoN 10B/29950/12653.

    1. a. TLS, one page, in HPBL Add. 72764/92, photocopy in HP (NC); draft in LoN 10B.29950.12653.

      b. A Ms note in the margin of the LoN draft specifies "Lettres expédiées de Londres par M. Loveday".

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