685R. D. E. Duncan-Sandys to Harrod, 7 July 1937 [a]

Duncan-Sandys thanks Harrod for the speech on "Our Declining Population" delivered before the Primrose League Political School, which has received excellent notices in the national and provincial press. [1]

  1. 1. For additional details on Harrod's speech see letter 682 R. Harrod's address was reported, for instance, by the Evening Standard ("Birth Rate Decline", 26 June 1937, p. 6). According to The Primrose League Gazette, "the meeting aroused widespread interest in the national and provincial press" ("Our Declining Population", The Primrose League Gazette XLIV:8, August 1937, p. 6). The Times and the Manchester Guardian, however, do not seem to have reported it.
    1. a. From 19 Vincent Square, Westminster (on House of Commons letterhead), one page TLS, in HP IV-C (Box 33).

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