674. J. M. Keynes to Harrod , 6 June [1937] [a]

King's College, Cambridge #

6 June [1937] [1]

What a miserable (and frequently dishonest) review of you is H's in Q.J.E.! [2] But don't reply. Since every one of your major points has escaped him, there is really nothing to reply to!


  1. 1. Misdated 6.6.36, but postmarked 1937.

    2. A. H. Hansen, "Harrod on the Trade Cycle", Quarterly Journal of Economics 51, May 1937, pp. 509-31.

    1. a. APcI, in HP II-64. Addressed to R. F. Harrod Esq., Christ Church, Oxford; postmarked 7 June 1937. In pencil. Reproduced by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars, King's College, Cambridge.

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