34R. C. H. O. Scaife to Harrod, 18 September 1922 [a]

Scaife was informed by Woodruff that Harrod was going to read a paper to the Russell and Palmerston next term, and proposed as feasible dates the 6 or 20 November. [1]

  1. 1. The Russell and Palmerston Club was a University-wide society, which resulted from an amalgamation of two separate societies representing liberalism in Oxford University; it was refounded in October 1921. Harrod was its chairman in Hilary term 1922. There is no record in the Club's minutes of Harrod reading a paper, only that as chairman he opened discussions (Bodleian Library, uncataloged Club minute-book).
    1. a. From Weisses Ross, <+>, Bavaria, two pages ALS, in HPBL Add 71616/105.

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