661R. D. E. Duncan-Sandys to Harrod, 22 April 1937 [a]

Duncan-Sandys thanks Harrod for two letters (not found). [1] He admits that Harrod has shaken his faith in the accuracy of his mathematics as regards the increase of population to be hoped for by the application of the marriage loans on the German model. He thanks him for having accepted to speak to the Primrose League Political School. [2] He assures that Harrod will not be compromised by the association with the League, because even if it is mainly composed of Conservatives it professes to be a non-party organisation.

  1. 1. This exchange may have been originated by Harrod's two letters to the Daily Telegraph on population, published earlier in April: "How National Birth-Rate Could be Raised" and "Birth-Rate Economics" ( 1937:6 and 1937:7 , here as press items 13 and 14 ).

    2. An invitation to the meetings of the Primrose League Political School, of which Duncan Sandys was the chairman, listed for 25 June a speech by Harrod on "The Menace of our Declining Population" (in HPBL Add. 72764/87). See, for further details on the meeting, note 1 to letter 682 R.

    1. a. From the House of Commons # , TLS, one page, in HPBL Add. 71192/20.

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