33R. R. H. Dundas to Harrod, 21 August 1922 [a]

Dundas offers to introduce Harrod to a whole row of Professors in Freiburg. [1]

  1. 1. Harrod spent some time in Freiburg early in September 1922, possibly in order to take arrangements for his stay in Germany (see note 2 to letter 30 R). The final destination of Berlin seems may have been suggested by Keynes, as he was a friend of Moritz Bonn (see note 1 to letter 56 R). Harrod returned to Freiburg during Summer 1923 to pursue his study (he wrote to Douglas Woodruff from Freiburg on 21 August 1923, reporting on his progress in German, in DWP Box 3 Folder 23).
    1. a. From Laurel Still, Stirling, PcI, in HPBL Add 71611/3.

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