646R. C. P. Blacker to Harrod , 19 March 1937 [a]

Blacker, the honorary secretary to the Population Investigation Committee, thanks Harrod for a letter (not found) of 16 March and for having written to Day inquiring about a possible application for £10,000. [1] Blacker thinks that Harrod's proposal to form an organisation for the propaganda to raise fertility is premature, and is himself not prepared to act as the secretary.

  1. 1. E. E. Day, the director for social sciences of the Rockefeller Foundation, answered on 6 April, indicating that Harrod should apply to the Foundation's Paris office. Day, however, did not really encourage such a move (in HP IV-C-C/11).
    1. a. From Population Investigation Committee, London # , two pages TLS, in HP IV-C/A/15.

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