32R. G. E. G. Catlin to Harrod, 20 August 1922 [a]

The exchange continues at 35 R. Catlin would like to borrow Harrod's (a) essay on Punishment before the All Souls; [1] (b) notes or essays on ethics; (c) notes on Stubbs. [2]

  1. 1. Harrod's essay on "Retributive Punishment" (AD, 19 pages on 17 leaves preserved in an envelope with date and title, in HCN 12.37.1 , and see a fragment with an alternative opening) was read before the Jowett Society on 30 November 1921. The minutes (written by Harrod himself, as he was the secretary) record that contributions to the subsequent discussion were made by Messrs. Knox, C. M. Attlee, Mabbott, Bryan-Brown, Stout, MacCrone, Farrer, Fred Warburg, Ewing, Douglas Woodruff, Anderson, Hargreaves and Bevan. "The reader replied very frequently" (JS, Ms. Top. Oxon. d. 359/1/16). The wording of Catlin's letter suggests that the paper was also read on a different occasion.

    2. Harrod's notes on J. L. Stocks's lectures on "Aristotle, Ethics", Michaelmas 1919 and Hilary 1920, are filed in HP V-16 and V-7; his reading notes on C. H. Stubbs for modern history are preserved in HP V-25.

    1. a. Year read from postmark. one page ALS, with envelope addressed to Pension Edelweiss, Etretat, France, in HPBL Add 71610/74-75.

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