635. L. C. Robbins to Harrod , 20 February 1937 [a]

[Replies to a letter not found, follows on from 626 ]

10, Meadway Close, Hampstead, N.W.11. #

20 February 1937

Dear Harrod,

Thank you very much for your further letter. I do of course, as I hope I made clear earlier, completely accept your assurances concerning the intention of your article. For the rest, do you remember the elegant remarks with which Edgeworth terminated his controversy with Bastable on International Trade theory (Papers II p. 4 [1] )? I think they are probably applicable here.

Yours in some haste--just off to Holland.


Could you please return that document? [2] It is of no value--save as personal history. But I have no other copy.

  1. 1. F. Y. Edgeworth, Papers relating to Political Economy, vol. II, London: Macmillan, 1925: "The continuance of the controversy appears to be hardly justified by its importance. Suffice it to express the summary judgment that on the one hand Professor Bastable's further explanations are quite satisfactory, and on the other hand that my observations were not uncalled for" (p. 4).

    2. The document could not be identified: see note 20 to letter 626 .

    1. a. ALS, one page, in HPBL Add. 71188/130.

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