627R. C. T. Onions to Harrod, 15 February 1937 [a]

Replies to a letter not found, follows on from 539 R. "You insist that reflation is quite regularly found on an existing `root'. But there is no `root' *flation or *flate in English. The new word, from its history, is found on inflation or deflation. Even the latter is itself found on inflation, since the Latin deflare means only `to blow away', and in deflation the force of the de- is `down', another sense of the prefix". [1]

  1. 1. Harrod took up the matter again with Keynes: see letters 632 and 633 .
    1. a. From 7, Staverton Rd., Oxford # , ALS, two pages on one leaf, in HP IV/C/B-8.

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