614R. Harrod to J. Marschak, 15 January 1937 [a]

Follows on from 613 . "I think your second suggestion, viz. some sort of collaboration with Phelps Brown is the better probably." Harrod asks when "the T rade Cycle group" will next meet. [1]

  1. 1. Refers to the Oxford Economists' Research Group (on this denomination see note 1 to essay 17 ). On 18 January, Harrod wrote that he would have adopted the procedure suggested by Marschak with regard to his paper, and agreed to set the date for the next meeting of the group on February 5 or 6 (in JMP 1275, Box 147, folder H). The group eventually met on 5 February in Harrod's rooms to discuss his "Notes on Interviews with Entrepreneurs" (OERG, untitled agenda for the meeting of 5 February 1937, in ABP 45)
    1. a. From Christ Church # , ACS, two pages, in JMP 1275, Box 147, folder H.

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