609R. P. Monkhouse to Harrod, 2 January 1937 [a]

Monkhouse, the literary editor of the Evening Standard, would not publish a letter from Harrod on an article by Dr. Inge, because the policy of the newspaper was not to host controversies. However, they would accept a further contribution by Harrod in time. [1]

  1. 1. Monkhouse wrote again on 6 January explaining that the editors of the Evening Standard were looking forward to a further article by Harrod on population, to be illustrated with a photograph of him with a bouncing baby on either knee (in HP IV-C-A/12). Harrod wrote again to Monkhouse on 13 March, following the publication of an article by A. Vallance, "Do we need more Babies?" (Evening Standard, 11 March 1937, p. 7). Monkhouse invited Harrod to write an article in response (Monkhouse to Harrod, 15 March 1937, in HP IV-C-C/9). The paper, however, does not seem to have published further contributions by Harrod on the subject after "We Must Have Larger Families" (Harrod 1936:10 , essay 11 ). The article by W. R. Inge referred to is "Over-Population and `Race Suicide'", Evening Standard, 30 December 1936, p. 7.
    1. a. From the Evening Standard, London#, one page TLS, in HP IV-C-A/11.

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