602R. J. Bonar to Harrod, 30 November 1936 [a]

Bonar mentions a "speech with a tempting title" which Harrod was going to deliver on Wednesday, [1] but since he could not attend he hoped to see it published.

  1. 1. "Can economic measures avert the impending extinction of the human species?", opening speech at a meeting of the Oxford University Political Economy Club, 2 December 1936. The speech does not seem to have been published. A few days after delivering it, Harrod received a letter from an unidentified participant in the meeting who argued that the decline of population represented a healthy reaction to the previous abnormal growth and had not reached a dangerous point. He commented that the measures Harrod proposed, alone, would not be sufficient to turn the tide, but they would however raise a welcome interest on this problem (4 December 1936, in HP IV-C-A/10).
    1. a. From 13, Redington Road, Hampstead, NW3. one page ALS, with envelope addressed to Christ Church. In HP IV-C-C/8.

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