599. E. A. Radice to Harrod , 12 November 1936 [a]

3, <Belnyre > Court, Fork Rd., [Oxford]

12 November 1936

Dear Harrod,

I am taking the liberty of sending you--you may quite well be perfectly familiar with it--a more or less rigid mathematical proof of statements of yours on pp. 85 and 86 of your Trade Cycle. [1] I happened to work it out for myself, and thought I might send it to you just in case you had not seen it in [b] just this form.

May I add my own humble thanks to you for giving us this new and stimulating account of the cycle? It is just what I, for one, have been wanting for a long time, and gives what seems to me by far the most satisfactory account of the trade cycle that is now available.

Yours sincerely

E A Radice.


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