591R. Baroness von der Goltz to Harrod, 13 October 1936 [a]

Replies to a letter not found of 7 October; follows on from 588 R. The baroness does not agree that the German Government is dealing with the subject in terms of inferior and superior races but only of different races, and agrees with Harrod that it is essential that the white race goes on leading. She summarises the practical steps taken by the German government to tackle the population issue: loans for weddings, children allowances, remission of taxes, etc. As to the qualitative as distinct from the purely quantitative increase, the government has introduced measures in racial biology and racial hygiene. [1]

  1. 1. Von der Goltz wrote again on 29 October, illustrating the dangers of Bolshevism (in HP IV-C-A/9).
    1. a. From Rogzow über Belgrad # , one page TLS, in HP IV-C-A/8.

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