587R. G. C. Faber to Harrod, 1 October 1936 [a]

Having read Harrod's article on population in the Evening Standard, Faber invites him to write a shortish book on the subject. [1]

  1. 1. Harrod, "We Must Have Larger Families" ( 1936:10 ), press item 11 . Harrod seems to have been concerned by his ties with Oxford University Press, as Faber replied that a popular or semi-popular book would not compete with the academic publisher (Faber to Harrod, 5 October 1936, in HP IV-C-A/7). Likewise, the director of Thorton Butterworth asked Harrod to consider expanding his views in book form (29 September 1936, in HP IV-C-A/2), and in a subsequent letter he also dissipated Harrod's doubts regarding conflicts with Oxford University Press (letter to Harrod, 5 October 1936, in HP IV-C-A/6).

    Harrod received further proposals along similar lines after publication of "The Population Problem: V. What is to be done?" ( 1937:1 , press item 12 ): P. S. Unwin wrote that he would gladly consider the publication of a volume on the subject (20 January 1937, in HP IV-C-A/13). Faber, having seen Harrod's article in the Spectator, asked whether Harrod had decided for or against a book, and formulated a concrete offer regarding a book aimed at the intelligent layman. He shared Harrod's alarm, and pointed out that while newspaper articles have wider impact but are gone the day after, a book often has an effect out of all proportion to its circulation (21 January 1937, in HP IV-C-A/14). Faber wrote again on 28 October 1937, inviting Harrod to write a longish book on the population problem, addressed to the general public, on the social, industrial and especially economic consequences of a declining population (in HP IV-C-C/15). Faber revived the idea of a possible book on The Economic Consequences of the Decline of Population on 17 April 1947; Harrod, being otherwise committed, declined again (in F&F).

    1. a. From Faber & Faber Publishers, London # , one page TLS, in HP IV-C-A/4.

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