583R. J. D. Woodruff to Harrod, 5 September 1936 [a]

Woodruff will talk to B[arrington]-W[ard] about The Trade Cycle; [1] the Tablet will also have a review of it in extenso, probably by Harrod's old friend Chris. [2] The Tablet is also going to give its full weight to Lindemann. [3]

  1. 1. Harrod, The Trade Cycle ( 1936:8 ). On 19 September Woodruff wrote that he talked about Harrod's book to D. D. Murray, who promised to have it properly attended to. Woodruff also expected to see Barrington-Ward (the deputy editor of The Times) soon, or to write him a note if no steps were taken for the Tuesday Times (HWC Box 1 Folder 10). The Times, however, does not seem to have published a review of Harrod's book.

    2. C. Hollis, "The Secret of the Trade Cycle", Tablet, 17 October 1936, pp. 530-31. Woodruff, after having been for ten years colonial editor of The Times, had recently accepted the editorship of the Tablet (of which he was also half proprietor), a Roman Catholic weekly.

    3. "A popular Front in Oxford", Tablet, 31 October 1936, p. 587. Lindemann was standing as Independent Conservative at the Oxford University by-election; see note 1 to letter 578 R for further details.

    1. a. From the Tablet # (as from The Garden House, Stanford Dingley), two pages ALS, in HWC Box 1 Folder 10.

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