579R. Harrod to F. A. Lindemann, 12 August 1936 [a]

With reference to the Oxford University by-election, Harrod wrote that "in the political field Salter's view co-incide more or less with mine. It might interest you to know that I refused to act as his agent as you were standing." [1]

  1. 1. See for context note 1 to letter 578 R, Harrod, The Prof., 1959, pp. 163-65, and Birkenhead, The Prof in Two Worlds. The Official Life of Professor F. A. Lindemann, Viscount Cherwell, London: Collins, 1961, pp. 150-55.
    1. a. From Freshwater Bay Hotel, Freshwater, I.0.W. # , one page ALS, in CHER J 30/6.

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