578R. J. A. Salter. to Harrod, 10 August 1936 [a]

Salter thanks Harrod for his letter and understands his position on Lindemann. [1]

  1. 1. This follows on from Salter's request that Harrod be his electoral agent, which Harrod declined as he "could not take any part against his old and dear friend", Lindemann (cited in Harrod, The Prof., 1959, p. 164; see also letter 579 R). Lindemann was standing as Independent Conservative candidate to the Oxford University by-election, while Salter was the candidate of a "popular front"; the third candidate was the Conservative E. F. Buzzard. The election took place on 23-27 February 1937; Salter won with just over half of the votes. See Salter's self-introduction as an "Independent in the fullest sense" on the policy of the "Next Five Years" group in "Oxford University By-Election", The New Outlook vol. I, 6, 12 November 1936, pp. 3-5, and his own later account in Memoirs of a Public Servant, London: Faber and Faber, 1961, pp. 242-47.
    1. a. From All Souls College, Oxford # , ALI, two pages, with envelope addressed to Freshwater Bay Hotel, Freshwater, Isle of Weigh, in HPBL Add. 71185/122-23.

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