576. D. H. Robertson to Harrod , 8 July 1936 [a]

[The exchange continues at 577 ]

St. Anton-in-Arlberg, Austria (Poste Restante)

8 July 1936

My dear Roy,

I wonder if it would be troubling you too much to ask you to look at the enclosed,--it is at least brief. [1]

I must confess that as JR's argument stands it seems to me a naked fallacy. But I expect I shall be told as usual that I am living in a pre-1936 age, have missed the point, am the slave of an outworn "quantity theory" etc. etc.!

Unless, however, you convince me that my note is wrong, I am inclined to submit it to JMK for the Sept. E.J. And for that, I imagine, there is not too much time. Hence my impertinence in sending this in--I hope not too illegible--pencil.

I shall be at this address till July 16,--thereafter Trinity.


Dennis Robertson

  1. 1. Refers to a note on Joan Robinson's "Disguised unemployment" (Economic Journal XLVI, June 1936, pp. 225-37), which was not found.
    1. a. ALS, in pencil, one page on a halved sheet, in HP IV-990-1069d/40. Envelope originally addressed to Christ Church, but forwarded to Freshwater Bay Hotel, Isle of Wight.

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