570. D. H. Robertson to Harrod , 5 June 1936 [a]

[Replies to 565 and 568 ]

Trinity [College, Cambridge]

5 June 1936

Dear Roy,

Possibly, if there is still opportunity for correction, the words "people normally" would be less open to misunderstanding than the words "they always",--if that doesn't make nonsense of your story. [1] --I don't think it does, as far as I understand the story.



  1. 1. Reference is to a passage on p. 131 of Harrod's The Trade Cycle ( 1936:8 ). The suggested amendment was introduced: see note 9 to letter 561 , [jump to page] .
    1. a. ALI, one page on a halved sheet, in HP IV-990-1069d/39.

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