559R. Harrod to E. C. Sackville-West, 15 May 1936 [a]

Harrod thanks Sackville-West for the biography of De Quincey, which he enjoyed very much. "The Political Economy section was excellent. I dont know how you made such a coherent piece out of my fragmentary notes." [1] Harrod also writes that he has "just been finishing my book which is now almost ready for the press." [2]

  1. 1. E. Sackville-West, A Flame in Sunlight. The Life and Work of Thomas De Quincey, London: Cassell, 1936. In the Preface, Sackville West acknowledges Harrod's invaluable help in "vetting" De Quincey's essays in political economy, which are discussed on pp. 314-16. Harrod's notes have not been found.

    2. Harrod, The Trade Cycle ( 1936:8 ).

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, from Christ Church, Oxford # , in SWP 68905/65.

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