554. H. D. Henderson to Harrod , 1 May 1936 [a]

[Replies to 542 , the exchange continues at 558 ]

All Souls College, Oxford #

1 May 1936

My dear Harrod,

I enclose a copy (1) of my paper as <+> to the Marshall Society to-morrow, [1] (2) some notes in which I've embodied the material which I've had to omit from the paper. [2] I'd like to call your attention particularly to the passage in the latter from the middle of p. 4 - p. 6, as being in effect my answer to some of the comments which you made in your letter to me. [3]

Yours ever,

H. D. H.

  1. 1. H. D. Henderson, "Mr. Keynes's Theories. (Marshall Society, Cambridge. May 2nd 1936)", TD with autograph corrections, 23 pages, in HP II/182 and HHP Box 10. For further details see note 1 to letter 540 .

    2. H. D. Henderson, "Savings and Investment", TD with autograph corrections, nine pages, in HP II/182. This elaborates in particular pp. 11-18 of the first version of Henderson's essay.

    3. In this passages, Henderson deals with Keynes's definition of "investment" and with the doctrine of the multiplier. A passage from Henderson's reply to Harrod was directly incorporated into the note: see letter 541 , [jump to page] .

    1. a. ALI, one page, in HP II/182

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