552R. G. Ryle to Harrod, [April or May 1936] [a]

Ryle offers some detailed reflections and suggestions on Harrod's "Utilitarianism Revised", and comments on Joseph's definition of "good". [1] In particular, Ryle is concerned with the notion of "obligation" and the "ought propositions", and points out the difference between his own view and Harrod's.

  1. 1. Refers to Harrod, "Utilitarianism Revised" ( 1936:5 ), and possibly to the exchange between Harrod and Joseph (letters 543 , 544 R, 545 R, 546 R, 548 R, 549 R, 550 R and 551 R), although it is not clear whether Ryle saw Joseph's letters or his paper criticizing Harrod's article. References to page numbers in the Mind article indicates that the note was written after publication.
    1. a. AD, three pages, not dated, in HPBL Add. 72731/117-18.

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