26R. W. Runciman to Harrod, 4 July 1922 [a]

Runciman invites Harrod to have a talk with him about his plans for the future. [1]

  1. 1. Harrod later recalled that Runciman advised him to get in touch with Keynes, and gave him a letter of introduction (Harrod, Life of John Maynard Keynes, 1951, p. 317). Runciman directly wrote to Keynes (the letter does not seem to have survived), who suggested that Runciman ask Harrod to communicate with him ( Keynes to Runciman, 7 July 1922 , TLS, in KHLM 1 ). A few weeks later, Keynes invited Harrod to visit him: see letter 28 R.
    1. a. From 8, Barton Street, Westminster, S. W. 1.#, two pages ALS, in HPBL Add. 72734/133.

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