547R. H. H. Price to Harrod, 26 April [1936] [a]

Price thanks Harrod for the offprint of the article on Utilitarianism. [1] With regard to the indefinability of the term "good", [2] he comments that it is very ambiguous, which explains the disputes philosophers had about it. As to the notion of "morally good", Price thinks that although Harrod's view is plausible a more common view interprets a morally good man as one who fulfils all or most of his obligations. He then discusses "obligation" in terms of distribution of "good" and "evil", and interprets Harrod's question as regarding why certain rules of distribution are invested with a peculiar sanctity and regarded as "obligatory"; he examines the difficulties in which the ordinary Utilitarian answer incurs, and suspects that Harrod can only solve these difficulties by saying that there is something non-rational about the sense of "rightness" which people feel with regard to certain types of events.

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    1. a. From New College, Oxford#, twelve pages ALS, in HPBL Add. 72764/79-84.

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