537. Harrod to H. D. Henderson , 4 March 1936 [a]

Christ Church, Oxford #

4 March 1936

Dear Henderson

The procedure with regard to the Scott-Stokes minutes was that I sent them, as originally produced by me, to him. He made a number of comments--I have also a number of points from Brown and Hall. [1] All the Scott-Stokes points and a number of the Brown and Hall points--I had to use my judgment about the latter--I have included in a revised draft, which will shortly be circulated and [b] will presumably be filed as the definitive report on this piece of evidence. [2]

With regard to the Lee minutes, I take it you are sending them to him. I have the enclosed comments from Hall, but they are of a rather general character--where they are specific, e.g. at the top of the back page I am not sure that they are right--and I dont quite know how to relate them to my report. Perhaps they should be typed out as a sort of supplementary report and filed along with mine. Would you let me have it back in due course. And would you let me have the Lee comments if any arrive. [3]

I suppose in due course this work will be taken over by Miss Bowley. [4] But I am not sure. I feel that this minuting of what is said is the most tricky and important part of the whole thing and we want to get the most skilled hands we can for it. The job might circulate among the members of the group. It is possible that Miss Bowley would do it better than any of us, but I think we want a little more experience of her ability. It would be rather a nuisance if a good meeting was wasted through imperfect reporting.


Roy Harrod

  1. 1. See note 1 to letter 529 R.

    2. The minutes, the first draft and the definitive report "Visit of Mr. H. F. Scott-Stokes on 31.i.36", as well as Phelps Brown's and Hall's letters, are housed in HCN 5.1.

    3. Harrod's minutes, draft and definitive report "Visit of Sir Kenneth Lee on 21.ii.36", together with Hall's supplementary minutes (both manuscript and typed out), are filed in HCN 5.14. The definitive report is also in ABP 46. Lee's comments were not found.

    4. Marian Bowley acted as the Group's Secretary from June 1936 to December 1937: see Young and Lee, Oxford Economics and Oxford Economists (1993), p. 130.

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in HHP 22A/6.

      b. Ms: «be».

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