529R. R. L. Hall to Harrod, 24 February 1936 [a]

Hall comments on Harrod's report on the Oxford Economists' Research Group's interview to Scott-Stokes, which he finds substantially correct. [1] He hopes that Harrod will tell them "on Saturday to what extent Keynes's new book is a departure (except in terminology) from the Treatise on Money". [2] Hall has not finished it, but it seems to him that the conclusions seem to follow from the Treatise: "if this is so it is a little unfair to economists to say that it is all new."

  1. 1. H. F. Scott-Stokes was the first of the entrepreneurs interviewed by the Oxford Economists' Research Group for their inquiry on prices and interest. The minutes of the visit were drafted by Harrod, circulated to some members of the group and to Scott-Stokes for comments, and revised (see letter 537 , [jump to page] ). The drafts and the engrossed copy ("Visit of Mr. H. F. Scott-Stokes on 31.i.36") are in HCN 5/1 . The folder also includes comments from Phelps Brown (letter to Harrod of 19 February 1936 ) and Scott-Stokes (letter to Harrod of 26 February 1936).

    2. Harrod later told Robertson (letter 561 , [jump to page] ) that he gave an address before the Political Economy Club on the relation of Keynes and orthodoxy; the paper was later published as "Mr. Keynes and Traditional Theory" (Harrod 1937:4 ). Hall obviously refers to Keynes, The General Theory of Employment, 1936, and A Treatise on Money, 1930 (now in Collected Writings, vols VII, and V and VI, respectively).

    1. a. From Trinity College, Oxford # , four pages ALI, in HCN 5.1.6.

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