23R. E. L. Woodward to Harrod, 12 May 1922 [a]

Woodward informs Harrod about the possibility of Hertford College electing a Tutor or Fellow, and explains (probably at Harrod's request) that the condition that the Fellow belongs to the Church of England would not commit him to a particular school of thought. [1]

  1. 1. Several years later, in an unpublished autobiographical typescript Harrod recollected the episode as follows:
    • Before my history finals Mr. Cruttwell, the history tutor at Hertford College, Oxford, offered me a fellowship at that College. I had interviews with him. There was a college ritual by which one had to utter a formality on admission, to the effect that one was a Christian, which I was not. I asked Cruttwell whether one could reasonably regard this as a mere formality descending from previous times [...]. Cruttwell replied that all the fellows of Hertford College would take this view that the <words> were a pure formality, except for one, who was a full fellow, and not merely an honorary one; namely, Lord Hugh Cecil. One objector was sufficient. I said that I would not accept the offer. [Harrod's autobiography, circa 1975, chapter on Runciman, pp. 8-9, in HPBL Add. 72775]

    (The episode is also reported in H. P. Brown, "Sir Roy Harrod: A Biographical Memoir", 1980, p. 7). Other considerations, however, seem to have played a part: see letter 24 R.

    Woodward wrote again on 14 May, indicating who could supply Harrod with further information regarding the Hertford Fellowship (in HPBL Add 71616/10), and on 17 May, expressing his understanding of Harrod's position and the hope that other opportunities for Harrod would occur (in HPBL Add 71616/13). Cruttwell, the Dean of Hertford, also wrote on 17 May to a similar effect (in HPBL Add 71616/15).

    1. a. From 11 Holywell, Oxford # , two pages ALS, in HPBL Add. 72763/29.

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