510. J. E. Meade to Harrod , 12 January 1936 [a]

[Answered by 511 ]

11 Holywell St., Oxford

12 January 1936

My dear Roy,

May I say first of all that I have been reading your MS. with very great pleasure and think that it is excellent? [1] I enjoyed both Chapters very much, but think that I have myself learnt most from your discussion of the Relation [2] and its relation (!) with the Multiplier at the end of your second chapter. I think I agree with all that discussion, but it has made me think furiously and for that reason I am keeping your manuscript a little longer, if I may, in case I find time to reread [b] it.

Apart from some small points, which are not worth raising in writing but which I should like to discuss with you, there were two major points on which I have written two notes. I hope you will forgive my first note, which is much more elaborate than is necessary to make my point; but I thought the conclusion might be of interest to you. As you will see in the first note I am suggesting that you have omitted an important point, and in the second, that you have committed a definite error! But my second note may only prove that I have misunderstood your point.

Could you dine with me in Hertford at 7.15 (dinner jacket) on Monday January 20 th ? We could then discuss these points after dinner.


James Meade.


See attached Note I and Note II

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