507R. H. P. Croom-Johnson to Harrod, 2 January 1936 [a]

Croom-Johnson, the Secretary to the Lecture Committee of the British Council, asks for two copies of Harrod's lecture, one for the Foreign Office and the other for the British Legation in Copenhagen. [1] In forwarding it, the British Council would raise Harrod's point, that he would regard as a breach of professional etiquette to deliver the lecture if any change affecting his economic views had to be made.

  1. 1. See 504 R and 508 R. Another copy of Harrod's "The Choice of a Currency Policy" was sent to Walter Runciman--for which he thanked Harrod on 12 January 1936 (in HP VII/G-1/13).
    1. a. From the British Council # , one page TLS, in HP VII/G-1/10.

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