502R. G. J. MacMahon to Harrod, 3 December 1935 [a]

On behalf of Walter Runciman, the President of the Board of Trade, his private secretary thanks Harrod for a letter of 1 December, and has arranged that Mr Hill of the Commercial Relations will give Harrod all the possible assistance. [1]

  1. 1. The Board of Trade was concerned about Harrod's lecture on "The Choice of a Currency Policy", to be delivered in Copenhagen on 10 January 1936 before the British Import Union (here as essay 16 ; see in particular note 1 to Harrod's lecture for further details on context), in view of the renewal of the British-Danish Trade Agreements (see note 2 to letter 504 R, and letter 506 R). Two letters from T. St. Q. Hill, of the Commercial Relations and Treatise Department of the Board of Trade, dated 5 and 10 December 1935 concerning arrangements for a meeting with Harrod, R. Kelf-Cohen of the Board of Trade and S. D. Waley of the Treasury to be held on 12 December are housed in HP VII/G-1/4 and HP VII/G-1/5.
    1. a. From the Board of Trade, London # , one page TLS, in HP VII/G-1/3.

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