500R. F. W. Taussig to Harrod, 26 November 1935 [a]



Taussig thanks Harrod for his letter of 3 November, in which he offered to give an estimate of Keynes's book; the Quarterly Journal of Economics, however, had already asked someone else to review it. [1]

  1. 1. The November 1936 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Economics (vol. 51) carried four review articles discussing Keynes's General Theory: J. Viner, "Mr. Keynes on the Causes of Unemployment", pp. 147-67; D. H. Robertson: "Some Notes on Mr. Keynes' General Theory of Employment", pp. 168-91; W. W. Leontief, "The Fundamental Assumptions of Mr. Keynes' Monetary Theory of Unemployment", pp. 192-97; and F. W. Taussig, "Employment and the National Dividend", pp. 198-203. Harrod reviewed Keynes's book for the Political Quarterly (Harrod 1936:6 ), and discussed it further in "Mr. Keynes and Traditional Theory" ( 1937:4 ).
    1. a. From The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Cambridge (Mass.) # , one page TLS, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in KHLM 223.

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