499R. V. <Lasthein> to Harrod, 20 November 1935 [a]

The letter, written on behalf of C. Stagsted, the Chairman of the British Import Union in Denmark, concerns arrangements for a lecture to be delivered on 10 January 1936, before the British Import Union in Copenhagen. [1]

  1. 1. Harrod, "The Choice of a Currency Policy", essay 16 (see in particular note 1 for context). Harrod's acceptance was acknowledged on 11 December, and further arrangements concerning the lecture and interviews with the local press were suggested on 20 December (<Lasthein>'s letters are in HP VII/G-1/6 and HP VII/G-1/7, respectively). Harrod was asked to supply some notes for an introductory article to be published in the Danish version of Anglodania (the monthly bulletin of the British Import Union), which he did on 14 December (his letter was not found, but was acknowledged by <Lasthein> on 20 December); the article actually appeared in the January 1936 issue, under the title "Mr. H. R. F. Harrods Foredag D. 10 Januar" (vol. 8:1, p. 11). A copy can be found in HP VII-G1/15.
    1. a. From British Import Union, Copenhagen # , one page TLS, in HP VII/G-1/2.

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