491R. Harrod to Winston Churchill, 31 October 1935 [a] , [1]

With reference to a peace motion recently passed at a Union in Oxford, [2] Harrod claims that the "ordinary young men" want for Britain "a world role as the just arbiter and peacemaker and defender of treaties", while the old Victorian Imperialism does not appeal to them. Harrod urges Churchill to lead these men, who are willing to fight for good causes but not for the old ones. Answered by 492 R.

  1. 1. The letter is printed in full in M. Gilbert, Winston S. Churchill, volume V, part 2: The Wilderness Years (1981), pp. 1305-07.

    2. Harrod probably refers to the motions passed at a joint meeting of 19 University Clubs and Societies, held at the Oxford Union Society debating hall on 20 October 1935. It was resolved that "this conference desires the settlement of all international disputes by international agreement and cooperation through the League of Nations" and that "this conference would support not only economic but also military sanctions" in the Italo-Abyssinian dispute. See, for a report of the meeting, "Oxford University Clubs Approve Military and Economic Sanctions", Oxford Mail, 21 October 1935, p. 3.

    1. a. From Christ Church, Oxford # , six pages ALS, in Char 2/237/182-84.

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