476. D. H. Robertson to Harrod , 30 September 1935 [a]

[Answered by 477 ]

Trinity [College, Cambridge]

30 September 1935

My dear Roy,

I meant to deal you one of these before. [1] I still can't help hoping there isn't really much disagreement between us! But I must try to re-state my scheme more positively and less critically in tone. I seem to have lost all power of getting started on a book.

I hope you have been giving yourself a good holiday. I have,--in Scotland,--with some pleasant visits on the way south, and a glimpse of poor Tyneside--which however is pricking up its ears at the prospect of warships.

Perhaps you will be coming over this term under the new visiting scheme? How pleasant that gaudy [b] was.

It seems to me that Musso is going to get away with it. [2]



  1. 1. Robertson, "Money-Flows", unpublished typescript, 28 pages (including cover page), of which two copies survive: one in DHR D4/6 indicating at the top of the cover page in Robertson's handwriting: "Paper read to Economic Society at Oxford, 1935"; a second copy, incorporating the autograph corrections to the former, is in HCN 11.28.1. A further copy was sent to Haberler (Robertson refers to it in a letter to Haberler of 16 April 1936, in LoN 10B/12809/12653 Jacket 1).

    2. By the end of September 1935, opinion at the League of Nations was unanimous that war in Abyssinia was inevitable. In spite of the firm wording of a statement issued by the Foreign office on 29 September (reported by The Times on 30 September: "A Letter to France", p. 14) and of the concerns on the situation expressed to the Italian government by the British counterpart, several expression of friendship with Italy expressed by British front benchers and the cordiality of the reciprocal communications induced one to imagine that Italy would soon have invaded Abyssinia (which she did in October) without suffering too severe consequences. When the invasion actually occurred, the League of Nations imposed some sanctions, which were however lifted two months after the annexation of Abyssinia to the Italian Empire (May 1936).

    1. a. ALS, one page on a halved sheet, in HP IV-990-1069d/24.

      b. Ms: «gaude».

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