452R. J. M. Keynes to Harrod, 26 June 1935 [a]

Follows on from 450 R, continues at 453 R. Keynes suggests that for the Antwerp conference "it would be very suitable if you were to make a short paper of your suppressed Chatham House memorandum". [1]

  1. 1. In September 1934 Harrod wrote an Addendum to the Royal Institute of International Affairs's report on The Future of Monetary Policy (1935). The Addendum (not extant) was not published, and further to his discussions with Robertson (letter 370 ) and Keynes (letters 385 and 386 ) Harrod eventually added instead two supplementary notes to the report, on pp. 13 and 15.

    The preliminary section of Harrod's note for the conference ("A Comment on the Questions for Discussion", 1935:5 , pp. 40-41) follows in content the premise of Harrod 1933 Chatham House memorandum "Continuity of Values and the Long-Term International Problem": on the explanation of the world slump based on the consequences of the war see essay 13 , [jump to page] , on its subsumption under the heading of the trade cycle see [jump to page] . This suggests that Harrod may have indeed followed Keynes's suggestion. The subject was discussed again and expanded a few months later, in a lecture on "The Choice of a Currency Policy" delivered before the British Import Union in Copenhagen on 10 January 1936 (essay 16 ).

    1. a. From 46, Gordon Sq., Bloomsbury # , one page TLS, in HP II-47. Cited by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars, King's College, Cambridge.

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