449R. Harrod to F. A. Lindemann, 19 May 1935 [a]

Harrod and J. C. are both willing to stand. The Dean and the Master of Pembroke were asked to arbitrate whether only one, both or neither of them should stand. Harrod suggests the line of action Lindemann should take if his opinion was asked--in particular, he should not show knowledge of the proposed arbitration. [1]

  1. 1. Refers to the election for eight places on the Hebdomadal Council, for which ten candidates were running. The election took place on 6 June 1935. Harrod, who was a member of the Council from 1929 to 1935, was eventually a candidate but came last in the poll with 168 votes. J. C. was probably J. C. Masterman, of Christ Church, who was elected. The dean of Christ Church was A. T. P. Williams.

    A. H. Smith wrote to Harrod on 20 May, reporting that F. H. Dudden (1874-1955), the master of Pembroke and former vice-chancellor of the university of Oxford, felt strongly that Harrod should be on the Council (in HPBL Add 71612/139). After the poll, Harrod received sympathetic letters from an unidentified correspondent (writing from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford on 7 June, in HPBL Add 72764/33) and from G. N. Clark (12 June, in HPBL Add 72764/35).

    1. a. From Christ Church # , two pages ALS, marked "Private", in CHER K142/13a.

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