432. A. D. Lindsay to Harrod , 14 February 1935 [a]

[Follows on from 431 ]

From the Master, Balliol College, Oxford #

14 February 1935

My dear Harrod

Don't let us try to agree that we want the same sort of research: because we don't: but let us agree that each having our own kind of research. They complement one another. The difficulty has, I think, come from the fact that politics has to be more comprehensive & \ must have some Economics and \ we want you sometimes to play at our game and we didn't enough recognise that you would also want to play your own game. It got muddled in my mind because I passionately hold that <+> Economics too resolutely plays its own game, it is bad for it as Economics. But I certainly shouldn't use University machinery to convert you from what I think are your errors. I can only privately pray for your enlightenment. I hope you don't think <+> that an impertinence and I know that Economics is rightly quantitative in a sense in which I hold politics is rightly not. I think if we start like that and respect each other's views and be non suspicious of one another, we might come to an agreement, and after all this we may conceivably do a combined draft.

A <+> [b] neuralgia! I should be capable of anything under such conditions.



  1. a. ALI, two pages on one leaf, in HPBL Add. 71185/143.

    b. Ms: two illegible words.

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